Overviewing The Negative Aspects Of Drugs

The world today is encroached by the evil of drug addiction.This disorder is slowly escalating and hampering the society by making the youth, the future of the economy dependent on its temporary power of sedation and relaxation. The phenomenon, known as drug abuse is not a wrong term, in fact, it is aptly used. Drug addiction or drug abuse, no matter what you think of it, can have no positive outcome expected from the addict.

Kinds Of Negative Aspects

There are all kinds of negative aspects of the society which are closely related to this malpractice, like pathophysiology, social problems, epidemiology, ethical issues and what not? Often, the addicts turn up for medical emergency responders. Addiction to drug turns into abuse when a person becomes completely dependent on the chemical to lead his or her life. If the drug is taken away all of a sudden, that person becomes violent as well as aggressive. Drugs like heroin, alcohol, nicotine and even caffeine can showcase all these traits.

The tolerance level of the body which is the immunity hits the ground low. Drug affects the brain in such hazardous way, which can be healed only by proper rehabilitation.

Drug, affects the normal function of the body and it also compels the person to get indulged in the illegal activities of gambling, unhealthy lifestyle of availing free sex etc.

Drug, in many cases, has also proved to be a great trigger of the violent actions like being aggressive, physically violent and emotionally unstable. One could even kill for it.

The Negativities Effects Of Alcohol In Brain

Lively And Sleepy

Alcohol can make any one laugh or cry it can make anyone lively and sleepy, it can also boost confidence and can also make you act like a foolish one; a lot can happen with this mighty beverage, also known as hard drinks.

Alcohol Affects

Alcohol, if taken in a measured manner, can actually work wonder, but the addiction does not take much time to turn into abuse. Alcohol affects the brain hugely. The grey matter is built up of one hundred billion nerve cells which are known as neurons.

Brain Feels Dizzy

Whatever you feel, you do, and even think are all your grey matter reacting to the environment around you. What alcohol or other drugs do is that they relax the nerve cells by slowing the transmission of the neurons. The nerve cells get relaxed and people either go off to sleep, or they detach themselves from the normal activities. Since alcohol is soluble for the fat content of the body, it also inhibits for a good amount of metabolism in the body, therefore, a great amount of energy is pooled by the other organs, and then the brain feels dizzy.

Alcohol Abuse

 That results in nothing but losing the ability to think and judge the environment and act accordingly. Such is the might of this fermented beverage. A small amount of alcohol is referred to any adult, but anything in a limitless dosage might actually harm you, making you fall prey in the hands of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can actually result in making an individual violent, aggressive and even vulnerable to oneself or the people surround him or her. Only a complete rehabilitation can cure the effects of this harmful compound from the body. Read more at corryhospital.org